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4 Ways to Reduce Ticks in the Yard this Spring

4 Ways to Reduce Ticks in the Yard this Spring

While Eric’s Tick and Mosquito spraying is an excellent way to reduce the number of ticks in your yard this spring, there are other necessary steps you can take to minimize exposure to these pests:

Clean Yard

Ticks love leaf litter, brush, and long grass. Therefore, it’s necessary to remove all yard debris and keep your grass short. Furthermore, it’s essential to use a clipping catcher when mowing so that these clippings don’t attract ticks. Ticks also love to hide in non-organic debris such as trash. Keep your yard as clean and trimmed as possible to reduce ticks.

Wood Chips

Placing wood chips between lawns and wooded area repel ticks. A 3-foot wide barrier of these wood chips is optimal. Furthermore, cedarwood chips provide extra protection because they are excellent repellent for many insect pests, ticks included. It’s important to note that while ticks won’t cross this mulch, they can still be carried over it by animals.


Often, ticks catch a ride to your yard by deer and other animals. Having a fence around your yard can keep these animals out and thus keep the ticks out. The fence should reach 7 feet or higher because deer can jump over fences shorter than this. Over time, proper fencing can decrease the number of ticks in your yard by 90%.


Ticks love to hide in piles of firewood and often find homes in the crevices of bark. These hidden pests are especially hazardous, as they are likely to catch a ride indoors via this firewood. However, adequately stacked firewood in a dry area is less likely to attract rodents and other animals carrying these ticks. Furthermore, keep your stack at least 5 feet away from your home and away from any dog runs or play areas. When bringing wood inside for the fireplace, make sure to handle it properly and check yourself for ticks afterward.

Tips for Hiking During Peak Tick Season

Tips for Hiking During Peak Tick Season

May through August is generally peak tick season, but ticks should not prevent you from enjoying the outdoors! Here are some safety tips for when you find yourself strolling in the woods during the spring and summer:

Wear proper clothing

Ticks will be much easier to spot when wearing light colored clothing. Being that ticks can be as small as a pinhead, it is almost impossible to spot them on dark clothing. Furthermore, make sure to wear long pants and tuck your pants into your socks. This prevents ticks from latching onto your legs. Additionally, tuck your shirt into your pants to keep them from entering your waistband. Remove and wash all clothing as soon as you get home.

Stay in the center of the trail

Do some research about the trail you’ll be on, and make sure it is wide and well-traveled. Ticks love to live in long, thick grass. Avoid these tall grassy areas and stay in the middle of the trail, being careful not to brush against the grass. Avoid sitting directly on the ground or logs along the trail. 

Thoroughly tick check

It’s important to check yourself and pets for ticks when you are through hiking and again when you get home. Ticks have been known to catch a ride on gear and make their way into your home that way. Therefore, it’s a good idea to give all of your gear a quick once over too.

Use insecticide

Wear clothing treated with permethrin because it kills ticks upon contact, unlike deet which only repels them. Permethrin is a pesticide that is similar to extracts of the chrysanthemum plant. You can buy clothing already treated with permethrin or treat your own clothing using a spray.